I'm so proud of you, my living legacy.



    currenty have less than 2 weeks left of school as in im finishing things up but for me....i take them on the last three days of school..so which is why ive been lazy to this site because im not sure what to add on the main page. im trying to finish up because despite the free time i have im starting to lose hope in finding what to put on this page but i cannot abandon this

    UPDATE AS OF THE NEXT DAY**god said let there be light and i got covid. which is great so i can work on my website more but totally screwed my plans for getting my final projects in. i only have two more class periods of each class next week to finish things up and i was supposed to take an algebra test today but i guess not. but more time for this despite it not necessarily benefiting me



  1. dont mention the weird coding and formatting i swear to god i take a web design class that im behind in.
  2. its like the last few weeks of school and finals are coming so i gotta get my shit together and start focusing more on unfinished items and its gonna b like this for a few weeks. i will try to update as much as possible so i dont get un-interested and abandon this project
  3. there will be out of place/weirdly placed elements here because nothing wants to work
  4. if you visit any of the nav links now its going to take you to a dead end...theres nothing there yet silly!

if your sitting here there wherever wondering why your here or what led you here lets just say its subliminal messaging messing with your subconcious perhaps.. you might have come across signs on the walls and the ground and whatever telling you to visit and to those who didnt care to and think its stupid...YOU'RE FUGLY AND BORING...to those intrested then take a peek or a look..but keep in mind computers and websites like these and devices are delicate, its okay to touch them but dont goof around!